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Make recommendations to [the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Financial Management and Comptroller)] staff on the actions and time necessary to correct the abnormal balances, correcting as many as possible before the next reporting period. AR, Tab 36, OCI Report, at 4; Tab 36j (transaction statement); Tab 36k (transaction statement). The CO nonetheless concluded there was compelling evidence that the advisors role did not create a disqualifying PCI. The CO found that the advisor misunderstood that his stock in Leidos was frozen to transactions, and that it would be converted to shares in the Vanguard fund. We agree with the protester that our Office has generally held that foreseeability is not a dispositive inquiry as to whether a contractors role in preparing materials that are used in a solicitation gives rise to a biased ground rules OCI. Moreover, even if we were to agree with BAE that the changed circumstances regarding Old SAICs reorganization and the passage of time did not address the possibility that Old SAIC could have skewed the competition to favor Leidos in the future, we conclude that the COs OCI analysis reasonably found that the changes to the revised RFP after the reorganization of Old SAIC addressed or mitigated any potential conflict that might have attached to Leidos. Although the protester disputes the COs characterization of the revisions as significant, we do not think this disagreement provides a basis to sustain the protest. The CO noted that the advisor had signed numerous nondisclosure agreements throughout his support of the Armys AIE requirements, and was designated as the point of contact for an NDA between Old SAIC and BAE in March 2013 that specifically addressed the AIE-3 procurement. In this regard the protester argues that the COs investigation did not adequately examine whether the NDAs were effective in avoiding the disclosure of information by the Old SAIC employees who had access to competitively sensitive information. As our Office has held, mitigation efforts that screen or wall-off certain individuals within a company from others, in order to prevent an improper disclosure of information, may be an effective means to address an unequal access to information OCI. The record here shows that the CO considered the potential OCIs arising from Old SAICs access to competitively useful information, as well as the New SAIC advisors access. Guident Techs., Inc., B-405112.3, June 4, 2012, 2012 CPD 166 at 7; see Axiom Res. E-Mail from the Contract Specialist to the Program Manager and Chairman of the Technical Evaluation Board, Apr. However, this form was never executed by the program manager or provided to the cognizant agency personnel until after the instant protest was filed in our Office.… continue reading »

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33% of women also want to be reassured that they are desirable, and this may indicate that sometimes just having a man pay attention to them is enough to get the rails of infidelity going.… continue reading »

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